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The Gift

Lithograph, 16"x20"
Limited Edition of 200

The quotation which inspired and surrounds `The Gift' is attributed to Rabbi Israel Ben Eliezer, the `Baal Shem Tov' or `Master Of The Good Name'. This 17th century Polish teacher and visionary was the founder of the mystical, spiritual movement of Hasidism, whose proponents continue to celebrate their faith with joy and the performance of good deeds.

The hands, encompassing the dove with its olive branch, form the priestly blessing; bestowing the concepts of rebirth, hope and peace, which are the `Gift' of Hashem for all time. The three rainbows represent the perfection of Divine benevolence while the sun and moon may be seen in their eternal succession---symbolizing the continuity of the Jewish Life cycle.

Text & Illustrations 1995 Ilene Winn-Lederer