The Sabbath Kedushah

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The Sabbath Kedushah

Lithograph, 11" x 14"
Limited Edition of 100

The image for "The Sabbath Kedushah" is drawn from the third blessing of the Sabbath and Festival Amidah prayers. The Kedushah refers to the mystical harmony of all created beings, both angelic and human who with one voice glorify the majesty of their Creator. This prayer is recited standing, then rising to the toes three times in succession as the words ‘Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh’ (Holy, Holy, Holy”) are pronounced. It is this physical expression of ‘Kedushah’ or ‘Holiness’ that most beautifully illustrates our transcendence of the material world as it urges us towards our spiritual destiny. Although Jewish law requires this prayer to be recited in the presence of a ‘minyan’ (ten men who have achieved Bar Mitzvah), this image was intended to emphasize the participation of Jewish women in the ancestral legacy of prayer. The young girl, her mother and her mother’s mother speak for all women: for we are the guardians of the future of Faith.

Text & Illustrations 1998 Ilene Winn-Lederer